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    • Tea Tree Oil Plantation

      With about 600 ha of tea tree under plantation, we believe that our cooperate plantations make us currently one of the single largest producing plantation in China. Our wholesale focus and tight management structure ensures that we are a cost effective and convenient entity to deal with. Our business partners control all aspects of the plantation including planting, plantation management, and we controle the production, sales and customer service. As such, our customers enjoy direct access to the decision makers in the business.Our Tea Tree oil production of the plantations will range between 15000 kgs to 18000 kgs per annum depending on the season&demands.
    • Garlic Oil Plantation

      We have cooperate Garlic planations in our China's main Garlic production area of Shangdong, Henan and Jiangsu province. And we have two Garlic crude oil processing factories in those area,Our garlic oil is extracted from fresh garlic by steam distillation. When process, 1 ton garlic oil need 400-500 tons fresh garlic.  For total annual production of those two factories, we can supply about 8-12 Tons Natural Garlic Oil. For the Garlic Oil there are many adulterate in the market, through our plantations,we want to secure the sustainable supply of these ingredients and meet our clients quality and safety demands.
    • Lavender Oil Plantations

      Our lavender plantation located in Huocheng County in Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Huocheng County is home to the country's largest lavender planting base in our China.Each year we can produce 2-3 Tons Lavender Oil to overseas.  For the Lavender oil plantations ,we have a different approach when it comes to our plantation method. Our Lavandula is not grown from seed in our fields, instead our seedlings are grown in an controlled enviroment.Once the Lavandula seedlings have grown and matured they are then selected by hand to be planted in our fields as saplings. This process allows us to control the quality and quantity of Lavandula ensuring us that only the best and healthiest Lavandula is planted in our fields but also it gives us the best quality China Lavender Essential Oil in production. 

    • Ginger Oil Plantation

      We had built long-term relationships with the local Ginger root plantations, and with the close cooperation with the farmers and our factory, at the moment each year we can supply above 15 Tons Ginger oil FCC grade. Every year, we carries out an annual audit of all our suppliers in the plantations, in the presence of our Quality Manager . We have also checked the conditions at our raw material suppliers’ facilities, made an inventory of their facilities, and monitored the implementation of any maintenance actions required as a result of these audits.

    Zhuhai Phoenix Flavours & Fragrances Ltd?
    Room 708,7th Floor, Zhuxin Securities Tower,,?
    No. 163, Renmin East Road, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai, China?
    TEL: 86-756-2284199? FAX:86-756-2315599?